Jai Bhavani Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha, Latur
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About Jaibhavani Bahuuddeshiya Sevabhavi Sanstha

About Us

As we have technical staff, we carried out many activities in watershed development program conducted by Govt.

We associated with centrally sponsored River valley projects in the year 1995-1996.

We have conducted training for villagers in connection with watershed development program.

We have prepared DPR’s of IWMP projects during 2009-2012.

Methods of Valuation Carried out

CNB- Heights will be taken by auto level and rest of the measurements by tape.

Compartment bunding- all measurements will be taken by tape, top width and bottom width will be taken at 30 mtr. interval.

De silting of nala will be measured by tape and auto level.

Where ever necessary measurements will be taken by tape and auto level.

Program of Valuation will be given two days before to the concern department.

List of Staff

Engineers- 8 diploma holders.

Agriculture graduates- 5 B.sc.( agri.)

Agriculture diploma holders- 7

Surveyors- 10 (I.T.I.)

Field Staff- 12 graduates in various Faculty.

Computer operator- 2

Office assistant- 3

Iwmp Project

DPR Prepared


PRA Photo


Project Maps